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New Years Eve - 'San Silvestro' Dinner 2019 @ The Algilà Restaurant - Sicilian Food

A seasonal feast...

Where elegance meets simplicity...

A night to remember...

Head Chef Alessio along with the Restaurant Manager, Sonia & Service Team are delighted to welcome you to a mouthwatering Sicilian 'San Silvestro' New Years Eve Dinner at our elegant Algila restaurant in Ortigia, Syracusa, Sicily.

Come and dine with us this new years eve 2019 and start 2020 with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction, a feeling that comes from spending a delightful evening full of the freshest of Sicilian and Italian foods, wines and of course our warm hospitality.

Dining commences from 20:30 and our bar is open from 18:00 for pre dinner drinks


If you would like to spend time in our 4 star luxury hotel then we would be delighted to offer you a 3 night stay at a 15% discount, including our New Year’s Eve dinner.

Our 3 course meal is €130 per person.

Full, non refundable pre dining payment will be taken

New Years Eve Dinner 2019 @ Hotel Algilia with Chef Alessio

Italian Menu: New Years Eve Dinner 2019 @ Hotel Algilia with Chef Alessio

San Silvestro & Another Italian Feast Day...

San Silvestro, or Saint Sylvester as known in English, is what the Italians know December 31st for. The Pope who served from 314-335 who died on December 31st is remembered on the last feast day of the year. Fireworks, partying and feasting might be a new years eve tradition, but here the coincidence that marks this saints anniversary (since the birth of the Gregorian calendar) couldn't be more fitting. Because of this coincidence of special year ending date, many European countries also name this new years eve day as San Silvestro (using variants of the name depending on the country)

During the reign and papacy of San Silvestro not only were many beautiful churches built, but Saint Sylvester is said to have healed the Emperor Constantine the Great of leprosy.

The tomb of San Silvestro can be found in Rome at the Catacomb of Prescilla.

The architect of the church of San Silvestro, Francesco da Volterra built this in 1591 - 1601 and can be found in Piazza San Silvestro, Roma.

San Silvestro. Pope, Healer, Saint.

Hotel & Restaurant Algilà, San Silvestro New Years Eve 2019 Dinner

To make a dinner booking, both guest and non-guest, simply contact our reception which is manned 24/7.

Telephone: (ITALY) +39 0931 465186

Email: info@algila.it

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