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The Greek Theatre ('Teatro Greco'), Siracusa, Sicily, Italy.

A 15 minute drive from Ortigia Island. See 'Getting Around' blog here


May 8th - July 5th 2020


26-150 euro (adults)

15-30 euro (children)

free (children under 7)

Purchase through VIVA TICKET: (0039) 800 54 26 44

From Ortigia Island, Siracusa to the Greek Theatre


A historical city like no other in Italy.

Fall in love with the theatre in this city rich in Greek and Roman history.

Set on a stage like no other, under the Sicilian sky in the summer warmth of the once ancient capital of Greece -Siracusa - every year in late spring/early summer (May /June), under the care of the National Institute of Ancient Drama (INDA), a series of classical performances (in Italian) take place in the magnificent open air Greek Theatre, which attracts theatre lovers from all over Italy and beyond. 

Sicily was once known as part of 'Magna Graecia' meaning 'Greater Greece' for the many Hellenic city states and described as "the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all" by the great Roman orators, Cicero.

Boasting one of the finest venues for open air theatre in the world, the idea of staging the ancient Greek texts on the stage of the Greek theater in Syracuse, the very stage for which several were actually created, came in 1914.

National Institute of Ancient Drama (INDA) started from an initiative by Mario Tommaso Gargallo (The Marquis of Castel Lentini). Still just an idea in 1913 and seen as an ambitious project - to revive the ancient drama productions and returning them to the remarkable original ancient Greek amphitheatre in the north of the city. Within a year, the first cycle of classical show was inaugurated  on April 16, 1914 - Agamemnon by Aeschylus. In 1927 comedy was introduced - with the staging of Clouds by Aristophanes.  The performances were so well received that they continued to be revived every other year since then and in 2000 the frequency increased to annually. Since 1929, works created for Siracusa's Greek Theatre began to appear on the stages of Greek and Roman theaters all over Italy (Segesta, Palazzolo Acreide, Taormina, Tindari, Pompeii, Benevento, Gubbio, Fiesole , Luni, Trieste, to name a few).

Agamemnon and Coefore by Aeschylus, Oedipus King and Antigone by Sophocles and finally Medea and Bacchae by Euripides are among the most shown tragedies here in the theatre in Siracusa, Sicily.

Greek Theatre Siracusa, Summer Performances 2020

The 2020 Season's Performances:


Euripides A tragedy based on the Greek myth of King Pentheus of Thebes and his mother Agave and their punishment by the god Dionysus.

Greek Tragedy - Le Baccanti by Euripides - Composed in 407 - 406 BC

'Nuvole' | THE CLOUDS


A comedy written around 420 BC



A tragedy of the young Princess Iphigeneia narrowly avoided death by sacrifice at the hands of her father, Agamemmon. At the last moment the Godess Artemis, to whom the sacrifice was to be made, intervened and replaced Iphigeneia on the altar with a deer, saving the girl and sweeping her off to the land of the Taurians. READ MORE HERE...

Tickets and more information:

Seating and Ticket Prices - Greek Theatre Season 2020

Greek Theatre Season 2019 - Syracuse, Sicily


Hotel Algila Summer Arts Special - Greek Theatre Offer

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Tickets can be booked via the agency 'Ortigia Viaggi' by credit card details. Ortigia Viaggi will deliver them directly to you at the hotel.

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